Fran Cosmo and myself Orlando Fla

Myself and Rusty Foulke Orlando, Fla

Warrant Tour

via 1990

REO Speedwagon tour

Robert and I having fun mixing Flight to Paradise

Guitar collection 2013

Diver Down show at Flagstaff

Myself and Tommy James Oct 17 2015 Penns Peak Jim Thorpe ,Pa

Myself ,Greg Kihn and Robert Berry San Francisco 2011

San Francisco 2011

Robert Berry and myself  after mixing Runway Queen 2006

VIA 1994

Myself and Kira Lee after a studio session.

Jan Lewan and myself AVP Airport 2014

Warrant tour

Gary Pihl of Boston and myself Easter 2005

Lisa, myself and Tammy 

Runway Queen record release party

Tom Buff , Myself and Gary Pihl

Aug 14,15